Message from Elizabeth Jakins

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Message from Elizabeth Jakins

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself as the new President of the group for the 2020 year.

Some of you may remember me from the first couple of years of the group when I was president and vice-president. I stepped back for a couple of years for personal and business reasons, but I find my life is not very full-filling when there is not enough permaculture in it!!

The committee and I are wanting to mix things up a little, and try to get back to more face to face interactions and less facebook and computer discussions. I am sure together we will be able to organise many interesting events for everyone.

I was hoping to call all financial members of the group, for a chat and to get individual feedback and suggestions, but time has gotten away on me. But I welcome all suggestions of places to go, people to meet and listen to.

We are going to be holding weekly gatherings on Wednesday nights. These will be moving around the valley, so they will be accessible to more of our members. Please let us know if there is a local hall/venue near you where a Wednesday night gathering/get together could be held. Also if you know of some people in your area, who are practising permaculture, or some aspect of it and might be interested in telling us all about it. The aim of these nights will be to build our permie community. Format for the evenings will be – welcome and introductions, speaker or demo, show and tell (we need a better name) but this is where you can bring along something you have made or are working on have been researching and share what you know. We will also have a buy, swap, sell or giveaway table. So if you make, grow or sow/sew, please bring along your abundance to sell/swap/give away. Most of these evenings will cost a few dollars depending on the events planned. BYO supper. Tea and coffee provided.

Yearly membership fees will be $20 per person. You can bring a friend to a Wednesday gathering for free – once per friend – hopefully they will be blown away by all the exciting permie stuff, that they will want to join up themselves.

Weekend events will be at least once a month – these may be visits to properties, away trips or special speakers. We are open to suggestions. Costs for these trips will be discounted for members, full price for non members. Home farm visits may be members only at the discretion of the host. BYO afternoon tea or morning tea will depend on event. If you see an event that you are thinking of going to and think other members might enjoy too, please let us know. Going together and car pooling can make things a lot more fun, and help us get to know each other more.

We will let you know the first few events we have organised as soon as they are confirmed.

Please direct all suggestions, enquiries to our new email address – email

Together we can do amazing things.