Katrina Swan

Katrina Swan

President 2018 - 2019


Kat Swan is a home educating (unschooling) mother to 6 children and grandmother to 2 grandsons. She and her family have always had a garden and chickens, except for the 3 years they spent travelling the east coast of Australia back in 2009. A childhood spent, helping on her grandparents both urban and rural farms along with regular camping trips provided Kat Swan with and innate love of the natural world and a belief that our connection to it is of great importance. These have been things Kat has inspired to pass onto her children. 

Settling back in suburbia in 2012 Kat was quick to enrol in a series of workshops which lead her to permaculture. Kat was hooked by not only how Permaculture incorporated all her interests, but also easily the permaculture principles fitted into her family’s life. She continued learning and incorporating the principles into her family’s life. The family found suburbia stifling after having so much space when travelling so when an opportunity came to move to the Lockyer Valley, they took it. By the time Kat left suburbia the whole street had food growing.

 Upon moving to the Lockyer Valley Kat joined Permaculture Lockyer Valley and continued learning all she could. Inspired to create a design for her property she completed a PDC at Northey Street City Farm, and with the help of her family started implementing their design. Kat continues to learn all she can, she absolutely loves sharing knowledge and learning from others. Kat’s love of permaculture and all things related has lead to the creation of Firefly Living which is both a blog where Kat shares about her experiences in unschooling and permaculture and the beginnings of a future business.