Michael Wardle

Michael Wardle

President 2016-2017


Michael is a hands-on father of 4 and an experienced permaculture educator, designer and consultant with a passion for permaculture, building resilient, regenerative and abundant life skills.  Moving from a more substantial property to half an acre many years ago, Michael has lived on both larger and smaller blocks and has learnt through experience the opportunities and limitations of both.  He now happily grows nutrient dense food using a variety of systems at his home with his family.

Michael believes that connection to the community and the diverse natural systems is key to a sustainable, regenerative future.

Michael is the principle educator and designer for Savour Soil Permaculture and is also the adult education coordinator for Northey Street City Farm, a 7-acre permaculture site in Brisbane.  He still facilitates in daycares, schools and the University of Qld.

Michael is dedicated to creating a practical learning experience with his hands on, unique workshops and courses with limited numbers that help inspire and inform and build peoples own permaculture journey.  It’s about Making it Real.